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Hypergrowth is the growth hacking collective accelerating technology driven organisations, technology startups & blockchain and ICO/STO projects across the universe. We use metric driven inbound marketing and continuous growth hacking to put your business in front of the right people. Our decentralized expert team consists of serial entrepreneurs, growth hackers & data scientists with decades of international experience.


Start your Growth Engine with us - leverage the Growth Hacking Methodology

Growth is a process and we can help you make sense of it. From the freshest ideas on the frontlines of emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain and the Internet of Things, to the companies shaking up traditional industries, we want to hack your growth.

Our battle-hardened analysts, marketers and entrepreneurs deliver data driven, content-powered and ROI-focused campaigns, and we don’t like to mess around. We market smart.




Growth Hacking Services

Growth Hacking Strategy Design

  • Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • Customer Retention Strategy

  • Customer Referral Strategy

Growth Hacking Experiment Design

  • Brainstorm & Prioritise Growth Experiments

  • Test, Implement & Systemise Growth Experiments

  • Maintain Growth Backlog

Growth Hacking Experiment Analysis

  • Evaluation of Growth Experiments

  • Deep Analysis of Growth Experiments

  • Visualisation of Growth Experiments

Growth Marketing Services

A/B Testing

We design your lead funnel, website or email campaign and run simultaneous experiments between two or more pages, to see which performs or converts the best. 


We manage your Search Engine Marketing and optimize your website with best practice SEO techniques to convert your visitors into customers.

UX/UI Testing

We test functionality, performance, and effectiveness of your User Interface and your User Experience. In easy terms, we check if your menus, forms, graphical elements, buttons, etc. work and perform smoothly on all devices and platforms.

Content Marketing

We create and design your Content marketing strategy. Engaging and educating leads throughout the entire purchase decision will lead your customers to in the best case to purchase your products or services.

Public Relations

Through our extensive network we delivering your message to stakeholders, analysts, journalists and more.  

Conversion Rate Optimization

We start with setting up A/B Tests on your website or landing page and continue to improve your conversion rate continuously.

Email Marketing

Reach out to new or existing users, use behavior-driven email automation and always reach your audience in the right moment with the right copy and targeted offers.

Social Advertising

Social ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with your target audience. We help you target the right prospects placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Co.

Affiliate marketing

Use Affiliate Networks or Influencers to traffic channel with state of the art tracking solutions and full campaign management.

Referral marketing

Encourage your current or future clients to spread the word with family and friends to target prospects with similar interests, use targeted offers to funnel the right clients to you.

Landing Pages

We set up and test your landing pages or lead funnel using growth marketing best practices to capture and convert leads to customers.

Analytics setup and reporting

Make actionable decisions backed by robust data. We set you up with tested full funnel analytics, reportings, real-time dashboards to be at the pulse of your most important KPIs.




Inbound & Influencer Services

Inbound Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing Automation

Inbound Sales

  • CRM Integration

  • Sales enablement

Influencer Marketing

  • Source Influencers

  • Campaign Design & Monitoring

  • Campaign Analytics

Inbound Services


Share with your audience industry insights, tell your brand story or answer product related questions with high converting content to gain traction and increase your fan engagement to convert them into future customers.


Social Media

Our experienced team is ready to step in any time to support you, in your Social Media campaign . We want to make you successful and let your accounts grow. From strategy to execution, administration and publishing of content, to engaging with your fans on all relevant channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter…we are your partner for social growth on blitz-scale.

Keyword Research

We research and deploy your industry specific keywords and optimize your website, lead funnel or blog to generate more traffic, trough placing right keywords on google or other relevant search engines to make you visible and easily to find.


Get your word out using video as marketing tool, From applying video content on your social channels, to your website, blog or landing page or in your communication with public relations. Get your message out and become a viral hit.


Create the right calls-to-action placed on your website, landing page or as a copy in your social media channels or your next email campaign. The right calls-to action will convert clicks into actions.

Website / Landing Pages

From planning to execution, our team handles everything for you. We help you with your web presence to position you with the right branding and the right brand message to attract and convert customers.

Marketing Automation

We help you effortlessly convert anonymous website visitors into leads with powerful online lead capture and personalization features. Trigger automatic emails and notifications based on form completions and interactions with your content.


We help you to manage your contacts. With Customer Relation Management tools you are able to keep the overview and have instant access to all important informations if need.


Use this traffic channel to keep your customers with individualized offers updated, email is still one of the strongest marketing channels with one of the highest conversion rates if used in the right way.


We help you create automated workflows for your inbound marketing strategy. Use the data of your contacts' behavior to create personalized, relevant marketing and sales interactions with context.

Lead Scoring

Rate leads based on their interactions with your brand online and offline to distinguish the people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

CRM Integration

We help you to setup your CRM to manage all important contacts, stakeholders and deals in your business. Use the bride variety of third-party-integrations like Slack, Mailchimp and many more to effortlessly manage everything in one place.

Influencer Services

Influencer Sourcing

We create a pool of relevant micro, primary and secondary influencers, to reach your target audience with custom tailored influencer campaigns.

Influencer Campaign Design

We identify your target audience, plan creation of content and other marketing materials required to maximize the results of your campaign.

Influencer Content Creation

We create influencer relevant visual and written content, ad copy, hashtags and all necessary marketing materials to get the best results out of the influencer activity.

Influencer Campaign Analytics

We measure impact to be able to constantly refine, adjust and learn for current and future influencer marketing efforts.




Business Intelligence & Data Science

Data Warehouse

  • Data Warehouse Setup

  • Maintain Data History

  • Data Model Development

Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

  • Extract Data

  • Transform Data

  • Load Data

Data Reporting

  • Deep Analysis

  • Data Insights

  • Data Visualisation


AI & Machine Learning Driven Data Analysis


Data Management

We help you to manage all your data in one place, integrating them into a data warehouse and later stage extract and transform them into the right format to make sense of all data touchpoints.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We partner with several battle-hardened business intelligence experts to make sure to deliver always custom tailored solutions for your data exploration.

Business Intelligence Technology

We are using state of the art software to get the best out of your data, supported by AI & machine learning algorithms. We extract actionable insights using all relevant data points and forecast future trends in your business.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Our Business Intelligence and Data Science experts help you with consulting on strategy, execution on future business decisions.




ICO/STO Concept Creation

 ICO/STO white paper

  • Technical white paper review

  • Technical white paper development

  • General white paper creation

ICO/STO token economics

  • Business model

  • Token design

  • Token economics

ICO/STO legal

  • Compliance

  • Terms and conditions

  • Know your customer & Anti Money Laundering (KYC & AML)

ICO/STO Marketing

ICO/STO marketing strategy

360 degrees marketing strategy, including media buying, community building, influencer and bounty campaign.


ICO/STO management and execution

Our experienced team is ready to step in any time to support you in your ICO/STO campaign, from strategy to timely project delivery.

Communication plan

We design a perfect communication plan for you, which includes critical milestones for your ICO/STO campaign and outlines clearly, where and when your vision is communicated.

Copy writing and Ghostwriting

We provide technical copywriting expertise for cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Our copywriters are seasoned professionals and deliver on schedule.

Blockchain PR

Through our extensive network we delivering your message to stakeholders, regulators, analysts, journalists and more.  

Bounty campaign

From planning to execution, our team handles all communication with the bounty hunters and verification process of the bounty stakes.

Community management

Integrative  management strategy through all stages of the ICO/STO including, Telegram group management, community building, FUD patrol and FAQ creation.

Media buying

We manage native content advertising campaigns (Taboola, Outbrain), Facebook, Google and paid media, sponsored articles and banners on blockchain related websites.

Affiliate marketing

Use this traffic channel with state of the art tracking solutions and full campaign management. Payouts for offers can be done in fiat, crypto or your own tokens.

Referral marketing

Encourage your early investors to promote the ICO/STO among their peers and friends.

Influencer marketing

Leverage our influencer network to get your project endorsed by professional journalists, bloggers, youtubers and speakers with targeted followers in the blockchain space.

Analytics setup and reporting

Make actionable decisions backed by robust data. We set you up with tested full funnel analytics, reportings, real-time dashboards to be at the pulse of your most important KPIs.


ICO/STO Technology


ICO/STO investor backend and payment integration

We transfer decades of online marketing and web development into the blockchain world to build robust applications.

ICO/STO smart contract development

We partner with several battle-hardened smart contract development agencies that deliver your blockchain idea from scratch or support your existing team with expertise.

ICO/STO smart contract security audits

We collaborate with third-party smart contract security audit specialists to ensure secure and compliant smart contracts.

Know your customer (KYC) &
Anti Money Laundering (AML) Integration

We implement KYC&AML vendors to verify the identity of your investors to comply with regulations for choosen jurisdictions.

ICO/STO real-time statistics dashboard

We develop a custom dashboard for the ICO/STO team and angel investors to stay on top of marketing activity. Integration in ICO/STO funding backend and marketing analytics.

Landing page design and development

Our partners design, code and deploy fast loading, high converting landing pages for the ICO/STO. We focus on a smooth investing experience.

Marketing Automation

Advanced cross channel analytics and segmentation enables automated personalized messaging and marketing funnel optimization for max ROI.

Blockchain development

We partner with experienced blockchain development companies in the space to offer our clients a single point of contact service.


Meet The Management Team


André Hammen
Chief Executive Officer / Founder
Strategy and Product Development


Alex Mrozinski
Chief Business Development Officer / Co-Founder Strategical Partnerships & Growth Consulting


Svetlozar Argirov
Fullstack Developer


Benno Aichele
Advisor Fintech Technology


Kirill Andriychuk
Advisor Business Intelligence



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